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Spencer Digital Placement is in the business to help your business grow…period!  If you are not appearing on the front page of Google when a customer searches for your products or services, there is little chance that they will ever find you. Your competitors may be there due to proper coding of their webpages or an expensive PPC campaign, but if you aren’t there, then you need to do something about it! Most users are not clicking on the paid ads! You need to be there if you want your phone to ring for new orders.

Todd McCally, our founder, started the business over 20 years ago with the largest outdoors search engine on the Internet. His knowledge in optimization led to his development of a proprietary search engine optimization software program to help customers get recognized in the search engines.  By building pages that target your products to specific keywords and phrases, this communicates to the algorithms who you are and what you sell, because without this coding, they don’t know you and they don’t know you provide a better service or product than your competitors!

Our services are much cheaper than the typical PPC ad campaign. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if we don’t deliver what we promised AND no long-term contract. We want to earn your business every 30 days! Our tech team will monitor your site and the traffic associated with it on a monthly basis by staying on top of the trends since the search engines change their algorithms continuously.

Greg Spencer, our President, worked in the IT Healthcare Industry for several large corporations where he managed teams of proposal and IT professionals for many years. Some of his fellow colleagues left that industry to pursue their own businesses to sell products online. Greg spent a year as the Customer Service Manager for Todd and learned this business, and how it could help his friends grow their online businesses, thus, Spencer Digital was formed. It is our goal to increase your sales, don’t rely on Amazon or pay per click ads, grow your business through organic listings.

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